Easter Activities

Food Literacy Focus

You may be interested to include some activities around the theme of Easter but are concerned about being mindful of the diversity of religious backgrounds of your children, or the chocolate and candy issue. Below are suggestions for how to engage with your children around Easter while keeping it focused on food literacy.

ask the question: Where do eggs come from?

This is the perfect opportunity to explore where eggs come from with children 0-5. Food literacy at this age is not about telling them what foods are healthy or unhealthy or which nutrients they contain and why they are needed in our body. This will come in grade school. For the 0-5 age group, food literacy is about having a positive environment around and experience with food and understanding how it is grown or produced.

Children love to see animals in action so take them to visit an egg-producing chicken farm or even a community or backyard chicken coop! If this isn’t feasible for your centre, consider showing photos of chickens on a farm.

Making Easter Eggs

Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to make beautiful Easter eggs.

  1. Hard boil white-shelled eggs so each participant can make one (tip: make a few extra in case of breakage!)
  2. Cool and dry. Keep refrigerated until ready to use.
  3. Create a rainbow of colour baths using room temperature water (must be warmer than the cold eggs), food colouring and 1 tbsp white vinegar per ½ cup water to help fix the colour.
  4. Prepare the eggs with special techniques before dying, for example drawing on them with crayons. When you do this, the wax of the crayon will prevent that area from absorbing the dye. Another idea is to place rubber bands or stickers on the eggs which also prevents that area from being dyed.
  5. Use a spoon to lower the eggs into the bath. Leave them until the colour is as dark as desired. Remove with spoon and dry on a paper towel. Add more decorations with markers, stickers as desired.
  6. These eggs can still be eaten if they are not out of the refrigerator for more than 2 hours. If not consuming that day, store in refrigerator until ready to eat! This helps to minimize food waste.

To make the most out of this theme, make it a Bundle of Fun!

Check out our Bundles of Fun about Eggs to incorporate this theme into a week of activities. https://www.appetitetoplay.com/healthy-eating/tips-ideas/bundles-fun-eggs