simon says

Simon says shape shifting

Baby eating food with a spoon.

Picky or Fussy Eating

Child eating food and showing teeth

Preventing Tooth Decay in Children

Fruit and vegetable platter

About Juice

banana muffins

Banana Applesauce Muffins

veg with dilly dip

Vegetables with Dilly Dip


Let's Make Ribbons


Let's Make Maracas

Let's Make Jingle Stick


10 Healthy Lunch Ideas

Family making a recipe together

Tips for Selecting New Recipes

Rainbow of fruit and vegetable

Helpful Online Resources for Healthy Eating

Fruit and veggies arranged by colour

Developing and Implementing a Healthy Eating Policy

Three bean bags on display

Bean bag golf

Bread with a star made out of food

Ways to Communicate With Families About Healthy Eating

carrot soup

Carrot Soup with Cumin

vegetable minestrone soup

Vegetable Minestrone Soup

Child in front of net, holding a soccer ball.


Early years provider teaching children about food

Being a Role Model for Healthy Eating

veg stirfry

Veggie Stir Fry

Child with pink balloons


Kids reading a book together

Healthy Eating Books

Fruit and vegetables at a market stall

Choking Prevention

apple sauce


Colourful plastic cups on a white floor and background.

Catching cups

Food label under a magnifying glass

Reading Labels

Kids sitting in a circle, ready to play Volcanoes and Craters.

Volcanoes and craters

colourful soft ball on a white background

Volleyball spikes

Cooking with Kids

oatmeal pancakes

Oatmeal Pancakes

colourful pillows on the floor

Leap frog



Colourful pool noodles that could be used for obstacle course game.

Obstacle course

fruit and yogurt parfait

Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits

Fish made from watermelon and blueberries

Healthy Celebrations


Creative balances

Thumbs up boy

Family Tips: Helpful Online Resources for Physical Activity

colourful chalk resting on the pavement. A child's hand reaching for one piece of chalk.

River bank jump

fruit fondue

Fruit Fondue with Yogurt Sauce

Child with blue ball in her hands.

Bounce it

balance bean bag

My friend beanie

freeze dance

Freeze dance

Family eating together at the table

Facilitating a Positive Meal Time Environment

Hiking in the winter with the whole family

Family Tips: Active Parent Role Modelling

Toddler feeding play food to a doll

Food Safety in Child Care Facilities

fruit smoothie

Fruity Smoothie