Developing and Implementing a Healthy Eating Policy

Children with early years provider playing in a circle

Developing and Implementing a Physical Activity Policy

Soup for Split Pea post

Split Pea Soup

Lion in grass

Save the Savannah

Colored balls in basket

Feed the Face

Feeding Animals

Broccoli in ladle

Broccoli or Cauliflower Soup

Girl with arms up

Can you...??

Children in circle game EY Centre

Carrot Jump

Child coloring

Let's Make Colouring Pages

Kids in a circle

Vegetables and Fruits

Parent making meal with daughter

Three Bean Chili

Date energy balls

Energy Balls


Cucumber Avocado Soup

Frozen fruit popsicles

Chocolate Fruit Pops

Zucchini slices on plate

Zucchini Ribbons


Bundles of Fun with Peaches & Plums!

Family Day!

Cheese Fondue

Cheese Fondue

Sliced orange that can be used for making infused water.

Infused Water

Child looking through hoola hoop that can be used to play Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill

Arbor Day

Arbor Day

Chinese New Year_Samll

Chinese New Year

Valentines Day

Valentine's Day

Children playing in snow

Carnival de Quebec

A picture of tacos on a plate.

Terrific Turkey Taco

Playground setting to play "Connect to a..."

Connect to a...

Mango lassi in a glass

Mango Lassi

Child playing Sleeping Giants

Sleeping Giants

Child with pumpkin

Squash or Pumpkin Fritters

Children listening.

Where Are You?



Child on ice rink wearing skates

Let’s Skate

Child playing in puddle.

Puddle Jumping

Cotton balls on light blue background.

Snow Storm

Child "freezing" in a plank.


Beanbag like items on the ground to play Pathfinder



Apple Dutch Pancake

Child drinking 3.25 homogenized milk

Fat is Good for Children

Learning about food from elders

Family eating a meal together.

Family-Style Dining

Children playing Keep the Bucket Full.

Keep the Bucket Full

Frog on a leaf.

Frogs to Cheetahs

Kimchi in a bowl

Fermented Foods and Probiotics

Rain boots, umbrella and falling rain.

I am falling rain

Cabbage that can be used in Black Bean Fuente.

Black Bean Fuente